WORKSHOPS AND SEMINARS: Live, learn and lighten up.

Workshops and Seminars

There’s nothing like being in a room of people who are learning new insights together. There’s an energy in the air you can feel. Maybe it’s because here at Successful Parenting Institute, we’re really good at sharing what we know. We present the “how” of parenting with the “why” behind each tactic and strategy. We even weave in personal stories, too, so you know we’re just as human as you are.

Get ready to laugh at yourself as you see parenting in a whole new light. Prepare to say to yourself, “Wow, that makes so much sense!”And don’t be surprised if you wind up taking copious notes because you want to remember everything you hear. Our experienced therapists and counselors deliver talks that get people, well, talking. And not just about parenting. We also address teachers, therapists and other professionals. See our offerings below to determine the best fit for your group.

Large Group Parenting Seminars

We’ll come to your school, business or organization to introduce parents to some of our most useful parenting techniques. It’s a wonderful way to get parents thinking about alternatives to their current tactics that may not be working for them—and reveal a proven, attainable way to raise children without the yelling, anger or frustration they may be experiencing. Contact us today and we’ll set up a talk at your school or organization.

Workshops for Professionals

Do you have a group of teachers who would like to learn effective classroom management strategies? Or corporate executives who can benefit from more effective communication skills? Therapists who are interested in Gestalt psychotherapy training? From healthcare facilities to government agencies, we teach priceless relationship skills. Simply get in touch to set up a workshop at your place of business.

Communicating Effectively in Difficult Situations

Within our jobs and relationships we face emotional triggers that stand in our way of effective communications. A difficult co-worker, supervisor, patient, or customer interaction can trigger an avalanche of emotions that, unrecognized and unchecked, can jeopardize our efforts to work together and provide great service. This interactive presentation will provide participants with knowledge and exercises to help them recognize what conflict is, how it feels and how it can be quickly and effectively reduced. They will learn a simple five-step process to communicate effectively and reduce conflict, even when highly triggered. Participants can use this process to immediately create positive change. Leaders will also learn to identify their leadership style and be aware of how it affects how they interact with their teams.

Schedule Us to Speak at Your School, Organization, or Business