Individual, Couples and Family Counseling

Sometimes we simply need strategies for potty training or getting kids off the computer. Other times, there are deeper issues that come to the surface. The expert therapists and counselors at Successful Parenting Institute have years of experience and are highly trained to help our clients — children, adolescents and adults — who are struggling with any number of challenges, including:

-> Anxiety
-> Depression
-> Addiction
-> Trauma
-> Marital
-> Relationship Issues
-> Self-Esteem
-> Personal Growth
-> Life Changes
-> Divorce
-> Co-Parenting

We live in a culture that tells us we should handle these issues on our own. That’s simply not true. No one has to struggle alone. We’re here to help make your life and your family life as peaceful, meaningful and joyous as they can be. In a comfortable, trusting and encouraging atmosphere, we can give you the personalized one-to-one guidance you need. More good news: therapy services are covered by many insurance plans.

What’s Gestalt Therapy?

The word gestalt comes from the German word for shape or form, referring to the essence of something. Behind Gestalt therapy is a holistic view that people are connected to and influenced by their environments. Therapists help their clients become aware of the “here and now,” gaining a new sense of self and learning to problem-solve and to grow as an individual.

We encourage you to walk through our open door to create change you may never have believed possible. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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